About Us

We believe in challenging the boundaries of traditional education and in liberating the innate greatness in people.

Bryan graduates are prepared with the knowledge and practical, productive skills that lead directly to high demand professional careers.  Our graduates are preferred by employers because they are dedicated, intelligent, and immediately productive in the workplace.  Bryan enjoys a position within the higher education spectrum that is unique, respected, enviable, and worthy of emulation.

Our mission is a commitment to our students about taking the high road to success. We like to think of this road as the Bryan University Pathway. Along this pathway, students experience key drivers that impact their futures:  Vision, Focus, Acceleration, and Triumph. The end result is a leadership education unlike any other.

  • Clear Vision. At the forefront of our vision is the requirement that students receive an evolutionary, experiential education that moves them to the front of the line.  We’ve developed specific strategies with innovative execution to bring this vision to life.
  • Precise Focus. We’ve honed our focus to ensure the highest level of learning using multimedia, real-time interactive coaching environments. We lead the evolution of higher education with state-of-the-art online classrooms.
  • Accelerate Learning.  We deliver an accelerated learning environment via curricula that leads directly to high demand, practical, productive, and highly paid skills. We empower students to learn according to their unique capacities and speed by focusing on individual learning styles, reinforcement loops, and dashboard feedback.
  • Triumph Together. When our students succeed, we succeed. We connect students to a truly world-class faculty comprised of people who are leaders and pioneers in their fields. Bryan understands that we’re all in this together.

When the pathway is clear, success follows. From admissions through classroom learning and on to productive employment, it is our mission to provide students with the tools to navigate the pathway and achieve success.