Welcome to Bryan University.

Advances in technology shaped how our world evolved into the 21st century. Many companies and industries seized opportunities to become the innovators and leaders. Unfortunately, many others were left behind; caught unprepared. We believe universities are beginning to experience dramatic innovative changes similar to the technology explosion. The paradigm shift in higher education is happening and Bryan University is proud to be a leader in this exciting transition.

It’s a new world.  And, in that new world will be a highly innovative university of the future based upon student-centric learning technologies delivered through realtime, virtual, multimedia, interactive, experiential coaching environments that accelerate and retain knowledge. The university classroom of tomorrow will be quite different from today. There exists a practicality regarding what programs the university of the future must provide to compete within the higher education spectrum that is unique, respected, enviable and worthy of emulation. Our programs fit this bill.

We live in a challenging time. But, we believe the opportunities are even greater. In higher education, those who have carefully researched and offer fields of high-growth with specialized skills will realize the greatest success. At Bryan University, we’ve done our homework to streamline our programs in precisely this manner.  We are tightly focused, selective and targeted.  We are not generalists with hundreds of programs to attract any and all. Furthermore, we have assembled a distinguished Advisory Board comprised of experts who are highly regarded and world-class in their fields. These renowned professionals, and others of their same caliber, are teaching our students.

As a leader in transitioning to the university of the future, Bryan University students experience the most advanced and engaging online, synchronous interactive education environment.  Bryan University opens a whole new world of discovery, innovation and opportunity.

Bryan graduates are prepared with the knowledge and practical skills that lead directly to high demand professional careers.  Employers recognize a Bryan graduate because they are dedicated, intelligent and immediately productive in the work place.

We invite you to experience Bryan University today.


Don S. Gull, Chancellor, Bryan University Online