Why work for us?

Attracting good people, and keeping them, is essential to the strategy of a sucessful company. Our vitality depends on the quality of our staff. We have to make sure that we attract talented, qualified professionals and provide them with opportunities for advancement in all aspects of their professional lives.

Individually, employees are given the opportunity to make a difference. Collectively, our employees all work together to make a difference on a global level.

Bryan University is grateful for the opportunity to donate time, money, and services to organizations both near and far, and humbly hopes that these contributions may, in some small way, improve the lives of the people served.



Worksite Wellness Program

In February of 2014, Bryan University introduced its first Worksite Wellness program. We firmly believe that quality health plays an important role in the success of our company and we are laying the foundation for a healthier work environment through policy change and program implementation.

Our wellness program is led by our wellness team, Bryan University Fitness Fun-addicts (BUFF)! BUFF’s mission is to establish and promote a work environment that encourages the health, wellness and team morale of our employees and decreases the risk of disease through educational opportunities, healthy choices and wellness activities. These result in improved health, productivity, employee engagement and reduction in long-term health costs.

In its first year, the program has been a huge success encompassing monthly wellness lunch and learns, weekly wellness walks, monthly newsletters, a comprehensive online wellness program and quarterly fitness challenges. Our second Biggest Loser contest kicked off September 2nd and concluded November 7th. We had over 20 contestants participate in one of three categories: body weight, body fat and healthy habits. Not only did our contestants lose weight and body fat but they positively changed their lifestyles!